Our vision is to create excellence together with every student through the provision of a high-quality education in a safe and inclusive learning community. Students are equipped with the skills and understandings to become engaged resilient, life-long learners and active global citizens in the 21st century.

As a result, Rapids Landing Primary School develops a safe and positive learning environment through the implementation of whole school processes for the effective management of student behaviour.

Rapids Landing Primary School uses approaches which:

  • are preventative,
  • promote positive behaviour, student wellbeing and the development of self-regulation,
  • focus on early intervention, and
  • clearly outline procedures for the management of ongoing or serious misbehaviour.

Rapids Landing Primary School values the importance of connecting with our community.

We use social media as a method of connecting and collaborating with our school community in a way that reflects 21st Century communication and expect our wider community to adhere to our Social Media and Networking Code of Conduct. This includes our Facebook page, website and school app.

Throughout their schooling career at Rapids Landing Primary School, students have access to a variety of technologies including, but not limited to, computers and iPads. Students and their parents and carers are expected to sign and return the Student Online Agreement before they can access internet at school.

Excursions and incursions are organised throughout the school year to complement your child’s learning program. Rapids Landing Primary School follows the Department of Education policy and procedures when planning and implementing an excursion. Written permission is required for all excursions for students to participate and this procedure is strictly adhered to for safe risk management purposes. Rapids Landing Primary School identifies maximum expenditure that may be expected for each year level for excursions and incursions for each school year in the Contributions and Charges and is provided to parents and carers in prior to the new school year in November.