Our Vision

Our vision is to

with every student through the provision of a high-quality education in a safe, supportive and inclusive learning community. Students are equipped with the skills and understandings to become curious, resilient, engaged life-long learners and active global citizens in the 21st century.

Our Logo

Our logo is a fusion of nature, education and people all working together.

Following many months of consultation, our logo captures the passion for our environment (leaves and water), our core purpose in educating our students (book) and the strong belief we have in that our school community will work in partnership to help every child be the best they can be.

Representations in the logo include:

  • The water forming hands (working together) and
  • Leaves for the beautiful environment that we will sustain, learn and grow in,
  • A book symbolising education, including the past knowledge that we respect and build on (including history, such as the old Rapid Landing School) and the future knowledge we are yet to discover with our students,
  • People (the yellow at the top). These people can be you or me as we help every child achieve their potential. We like to see them as our students, as they are at the centre of everything we do at Rapids Landing Primary School.