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Rapids Landing Primary School

Rapids Landing Primary School is an innovative Kindergarten-Year 6 school that focuses on challenging, invigorating and extending young minds. Our passionate and experienced staff provide rich, diverse and challenging learning experiences that meets the needs and interests of every child. We cater for the unique needs and aspirations of local families and provide exceptional service to our proud and cohesive community as we create excellence together.

A Tribes Learning Community

Tribes (TLC) promotes a safe, supportive and inclusive teaching and learning environment at Rapids Landing Primary School and underpins all that we do.

Attentive Listening

We listen with our eyes, ears, hearts and minds.

No Put Downs

We speak kindly to others and think of their feelings. We encourage each other’s talents, beliefs and values.

Mutual Respect

We treat people the way we want to be treated, valuing and respecting others opinions, beliefs and values.

Personal Best,
Personal Responsibility

We always do the best we can, setting personal goals for achievement and reflect on our learning. We take responsibility for ourselves, others and things.

Right to Participate,
Right to Pass

We have the right to pass in certain activities, but know that the more we participate, the more we gain. We actively participate in all learning activities.