Special Programs

Student Leadership

Rapids Landing Primary School Student Leaders are Year 6 students who provide effective, visible leadership to the student body. Under the guidance of staff, these students regularly meet and perform numerous roles that assist in the running of everyday school procedures and allow them to prove themselves as role models and provide student voice.

School Band

Our talented rock band consists of students in Years 3-6 and is led by the very talented Damien Bailey, Beth Carlessi and Sarah Butler. Our students receive explicit coaching and encouragement to develop their musical skills to perform at school events.


Diana Adams, our Music Specialist, leads our school choir consisting of students in Years 3-6. Students participate in weekly choir sessions and perform at school events throughout the year.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in Critical and Creative Thinking extension programs. In Term 1, Years 3 and 4 students participate in school based assessment to identify students who would benefit from this extension program. During this program, students have the opportunity to further develop their thinking skills in order to become more creative, innovative and adaptable with the motivation and confidence to use critical and creative thinking purposefully. Students work in small groups to develop ways of thinking, generating and expressing ideas.

Primary Extension and Challenge Program (PEAC)

PEAC is an academic enrichment program for identified Years 5 and 6 students in WA public schools. Students are identified through state-wide testing, which occurs in Year 4. PEAC enables identified students to participate in a range of differentiated programs during Years 5 and 6. Rapids Landing Primary School hosts the PEAC program for schools in the Margaret River region.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers are thinkers, makers and innovators. Circuit Breakers are students who look differently at the world around them, and find ways to bring their ideas to life. Circuit Breakers is an exciting engineering outreach program for primary school students in Years 4 – 6 that is coordinated by Western Power to help develop knowledge and skills with a focus on electrical engineering using 3D printers.

Rapids Landing Primary School was one of 20 schools selected in 2018 to participate in this exciting program. Our students in Years 4-6 explored what it takes to provide safe and reliable electricity to our community and explored new technologies that are changing the way we look at electricity supply in the future.

Sporting Schools

Our Physical Education specialist, Leigh Westcott, enables a variety of sporting opportunities for our students through Sporting Schools to complement the Physical Education curriculum. The Sporting Schools program provides a range of sporting programs that increase children’s interest and participation in sport. Our involvement in Sporting Schools assists us in establishing and promoting community partnerships with local coaches and sporting clubs while nurturing a lifelong love of sport.

Hands Up For Kids

Hands Up For Kids is a program that invites local volunteers to visit classes each week to hear students individually read aloud. This program that complements the literacy learning programs at Rapids Landing Primary School as we support our students to become confident learners.

Nature Conservation Margaret River Region

Funded by the State NRM Program, Adopt a Spot aims to establish long term links between schools and local bushland, foreshore or coastal areas. Connected with volunteer friends groups, students care long term for their ‘adopted spot’ contributing to restoration and environmental management of these sites.

Our Years 3-6 students are eager participants in the Adopt a Spot program and are contributing to the rehabilitation of their local environment. Students undertake rehabilitation work such as planting and brushing. They assess the success of their work and undertake follow-up weeding and clean-up activities.

Thank you to Project Officer, Tracey Muir, for supporting another fantastic opportunity for our students to create excellence together.

Learn more about our involvement here.