School Priorities

2023 Priorities – Western Australian Curriculum and School Culture

Continue explicitly developing a whole school approach to English and Mathematics and strengthening implementation of the school’s vision in 21st century learning.


  • At Rapids Landing Primary School, we believe that every student can be a successful literacy learner and that all staff are confident and equipped to teach in a supportive, resourced professional learning community.


  • Develop a clear understanding of the short and long term goals and vision of Mathematics at Rapids Landing Primary School.

 Building the foundations for all areas of the Western Australian Curriculum

  • Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Technologies, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and Languages

21st Century Learning

  • To value purposeful, real world learning opportunities that promote 21st century learning skills so that students are engaged, creative and innovative global citizens.
  • STEM is a pedagogy that can bring 21st century learning visible

Establish and embed a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students.