School Uniform

Our uniform was created in consultation with our Uniform Steering Committee and School Board.

Following research from our P&C, the purchasing of uniforms will no longer be through the school, except for sizing. SportsPower Margaret River are now the providers with the following process:

Try on uniforms: Visit our Administration Office to try on uniforms.

Ordering uniforms: You can complete a uniform order (either hard copy or through the Administration iPad) which will be sent directly through to SportsPower Margaret River. Alternatively, if you know your sizes you can visit SportsPower Margaret River directly to purchase uniforms.

Collecting uniforms: Your order will be packed and available for collection in 24 hours (next day delivery). SportsPower Margaret River will contact you to confirm your order is ready for collection.

Payment: Made upon collection of your order from SportsPower Margaret River. For prices as of March 2023, please download here.


We have a have hat, will play in the sun policy.