Principal’s Message

Welcome to your new Independent Public School in Margaret River.

We have been given a unique opportunity to build a new school with a new vision and ethos that reflects Margaret River, our community and most importantly the needs of our children. Set in a beautiful environment the school provides students, staff and families with the best facilities and resources on offer of any Government primary school in Western Australia.

Our core aim is to achieve excellence in all facets of each child’s intellectual, physical and social development. We inspire them to be motivated and engaged learners who will successfully adapt to an ever-changing world. Every child will thrive in an exciting and innovative learning setting that enables them to reach their full potential.

As the foundation principal I am honoured to be given this opportunity to lead and work with our community to establish our unique identity. We are trusting of one another as it is trust that brings with it the confidence to challenge ourselves, our community and our children to build a school culture that invigorates and extends young minds.

We welcome our students and families. Our school will grow with our families as a proud and integral part of the Margaret River community. This is the beginning of something very special for us all. It presents a unique opportunity to both recognise and reflect the character and spirit of our proud local community, while also firmly focusing our attention on a bright future.

Lisa Helenius